A couple having a conversation in the bathroom

The “our we official” conversation does not compare to, “I’ll be right back, got to take a dump” talk.

Recently, an article published by Jess Commons, a writer at Refiner29 discusses an unexpected discussion with her colleagues about a topic typically deemed taboo: bathroom habits, particularly when it comes to romantic partners.

The conversation ranged from strategies to conceal the act of using the toilet or the use of products like Poo-Pourri to hide the wasteland smell. Ultimately the bathroom chatter delved into the lengths people go to hide their bodily functions from their significant others.

Some of the colleagues admitted to waiting until their partners were out of the house or distracting them with running water before using the bathroom. However, there was little discussion about openly communicating with partners about these natural bodily functions.

For Jess, after 11 years in a relationship filled with shared experiences, including less-than-ideal toilet situations while traveling and dealing with various digestive issues, discussing bowel movements with her partner became as commonplace as discussing dinner plans… As It should!

“The poo talk”

While they haven’t reached the point of being in the same room while one of us uses the bathroom, it’s a topic they don’t shy away from.

A colleague’s comment made her pause: “I just think it’s important to keep some stuff private. I think pooing with the door open signals the end of sex in a relationship.”

To gain insight into this matter, she consulted Mig Bennett, a relationship counselor with over 25 years of experience. According to Bennett, maintaining a sense of mystery in a relationship is crucial. While some couples may feel closer by sharing all aspects of their lives, others may find that maintaining privacy allows for more eroticism and intrigue.

A challenge in balancing domesticity with eroticism is the multitude of roles partners are expected to fulfill within a monogamous relationship. Women, in particular, may struggle to integrate various roles, including being a sexual being, a partner, and potentially a mother (that also poops…), among others.

Charlotte Simpson, a couples counselor and psychosexual therapist, encourages women to embrace all aspects of themselves rather than compartmentalizing them. The staff at Poopable fully support Ms. Simpson’s encouragement and professional opinion.

360 degrees of intimacy will likely include bathroom habits…

Despite the discomfort surrounding these topics, Simpson suggests that maintaining a façade of perfection isn’t necessary for a healthy relationship. Instead, she advocates for a balance between intimacy and independence.

Ultimately, the notion of discussing bathroom habits enhances or detracts from a relationship depends on the individuals involved. Obviously, our staff believes this little conversation will only enhance a relationship.

While some couples thrive on complete openness, others may prefer to maintain boundaries. As long as both partners are comfortable and communication remains open, there’s no right or wrong approach… similar to various techniques of wiping.

According to Jess, she won’t stop discussing bathroom habits with her partner. Hooray Jess!

… but a spray of Fabreeze or a lit match is never unwelcome after a deposit in the home bathroom.

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By Neil

Neil launched Poopable in 2023, making him the Poo Poo Presidente. After overcoming childhood public restroom anxiety, one of his proudest accomplishments is relieving himself on six continents and over two-dozen countries. His preferred bathroom includes a neutral scent, double ply toilet paper and a strong industrial flush. His trade secret to making any restroom poopable – baby wipes.