Bipedal life means pooping better… just get up and walk!

It’s holiday season and the staff at Poopable have been swapping stories and pictures regarding all the food and drink we have devoured.

It’s no surprise that gym subscriptions skyrocket after the three major holiday months (November, December and January) in America. No surprise, most poopers tend to pack on the pounds during this time as well.

Even science will agree, weight gain and detrimental pooping habit go hand-in-hand or stomach-to-toilet, depending on the thought process.

This pooper experienced a significant weight gain after the 2022/2023 New Year. So, empathy via experienced is hopefully understood in the statement, starting the year with extra chunk is no fun and generally has a negative impact on mental health as well.

Walk for Yourself!… And for Your Waistline!

At the end of February, 2023 the holiday damage was done and even more irritating was this pooper’s movement schedule (the bathroom kind…) was figuratively and literally all over the place. A change needed to insure.

Rather than joining a gym, having missed all the holiday promotions, I decided to take the poor man’s, or the layman’s, approach to fitness and just make it a point to get up and walk.

It’s no medical secret that walking can help promote regular bowel movements. Physical activity, such as walking, stimulates the muscles in your abdomen and lower part of the body, which can aid in digestion and help move food through your pooping system.

Additionally, regular exercise, including walking, can help regulate bowel movements by speeding up the passage of waste through the intestines. Moreover, physical activity, including walking, can contribute to overall better health and well-being, which in turn can positively impact bowel movements.

100,000 Steps-A-Week

The idea came solely out of a tidbit of wisdom from one of the creator’s of the Poo Poo Presidente. That’s right, the Mom. The mother of the founder of Poopable is 66-years-old and has been taking daily walks essentially for her entire life. Her health is fantastic and even in retirement, she is still activity and has never once had issues in the bathroom.

So, the goal was simple; walk over 100,000-a-week for at least three months. By the time the challenge was over, it would be summer time, beach time and ample opportunity to comfortably lay on a beach while not having to worry about an unscheduled bathroom emergency.

The journey began and the daily metric was to roughly achieve, 14,300 steps-a-day. This number seems daunting, but in reality it’s not as bad as you might think.

Try out a Fitbit!

Thanks to Fitbit, I was easily able to track my steps. The task was neither daunting nor extremely strenuous. Essentially I was needing to walk about two-hours throughout the day on top of my regular day to day movement.

Despite the simplicity of the activity as well as the goal, the results spoke for themselves. I found myself taking one-to-three breaks throughout the course of the day to walk in the park or anywhere. An added benefit was that I was able to make use of my time as well while walking.

I took calls with the staff at Poopable, friends and family and caught up on podcasts while starting to listen to books on tape. After the first week, I noticed an immediate effect of my new routine. The regularity of my bathroom visits.

Daily Walking Helps to Prioritize Personal Physical and Mental Health

Does it get cold in Chicago in the winter?… Yes! It gets arctic plunge, sphincter shrinkingly cold. Midwestern folk know how to layer-up, so this would have just been a convenient excuse.

Luckily, companies like Smartwool can help you out! Give their beanies a try. It’ll lessen the bite of Jack Frost.

The month of May marked the home stretch for the 100,000 steps-a-week challenge. It ultimately ended in early June due to a previously planned vacation.

14-weeks, six-pound weight loss, over 1.4 million steps completed not only had me comfortably enjoying my bathroom experience on a routine daily benefits, but also greatly impacted my mental health as well.

Tough days became less difficult knowing, that a 30-minute to hour-long walking break was always in the mix. It is amazing what a little nature can do for a pooper, or a quick phone catchup with a friend or family member.

Will Walking Enhance A Pooper’s Experience and Life?

Yes. A resounding yes. As poopers are engulfed in the winter holiday season, no doubt blasting off on porcelain thrones everywhere, purchase a fitness tracker, layer-up and get outside. Your body and bowels will thank you!

Do you have a health tip that enhances the bathroom experience or perhaps cuts down on the wiping? That’s right; we want to know! Shoot us a note or comment below. We’d love to hear your tale!

By Neil

Neil launched Poopable in 2023, making him the Poo Poo Presidente. After overcoming childhood public restroom anxiety, one of his proudest accomplishments is relieving himself on six continents and over two-dozen countries. His preferred bathroom includes a neutral scent, double ply toilet paper and a strong industrial flush. His trade secret to making any restroom poopable – baby wipes.