A woman attempting to clean her bathroom.

Just drop one of these bad boys in… Your nostrils will thank you…

Are you tired of toilet troubles? Say goodbye to grimy grudges and hello to a fresh flush with Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner! This product is a game-changer for your porcelain throne.

Lysol has been a household name for over a century. Yep, you heard that right! Dating all the way back to the late 19th century, Lysol originally hit the market as a disinfectant solution for personal and household hygiene. From keeping germs at bay during the Spanish flu pandemic to becoming a staple in bathrooms across the globe, Lysol has certainly earned its stripes as a trusted brand in the world of cleanliness.

Maintaining a clean toilet isn’t just about appearances—it’s also essential for your health and well-being. A clean toilet helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs that can lead to illnesses like stomach bugs and other infections.

So, let’s talk convenience. With just one click, you’re on your way to a cleaner commode. No more fussing with messy bottles or scrubbing until your arms ache. The hygienic touch-free application means you can say goodbye to germs without getting your hands dirty.

And let’s not forget about the gel formula. Say goodbye to unsightly rings and hello to a sparkling clean throne fit for royalty. Plus, the mango & hibiscus scent is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise, well, let’s just say “fragrant” room.

Each applicator lasts up to 2 weeks, giving you up to 12 weeks of freshness per pack. That’s more time for doing the things you love, like binge-watching your favorite TV show or checking out more articles on Poopable! Who knew cleaning could be so liberating?

One “click” and your toilet will no longer smell like crap!

And let’s not forget about Lysol’s reputation as a household cleaning powerhouse. From all-purpose cleaners to disinfectant sprays, they’ve got you covered for all your sanitation needs.

If you’re tired of toilet troubles and ready for a bathroom revolution, look no further than Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. With its one-click application, gel formula, and long-lasting freshness, it’s a game-changer for your porcelain throne.

No more struggling with messy bottles or scrubbing until your arms feel like jelly. With just a simple click, you’re on your way to a fresher, cleaner toilet bowl. Unlike traditional bathroom cleaning methods that require time-consuming scrubbing and multiple products, Lysol Click Gel simplifies the process with its one-click application.

A clean toilet promotes better hygiene practices, reduces the risk of contamination and contributes to a healthier living space overall.

So go ahead, give it a try, and let the good times roll (or flush)!

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By Neil

Neil launched Poopable in 2023, making him the Poo Poo Presidente. After overcoming childhood public restroom anxiety, one of his proudest accomplishments is relieving himself on six continents and over two-dozen countries. His preferred bathroom includes a neutral scent, double ply toilet paper and a strong industrial flush. His trade secret to making any restroom poopable – baby wipes.