An asian-infused patio bar.

Scoot over Spanish cuisine, Tapas aren’t just for you!

Mott St. nestled in the heart of Chicago, is a culinary gem that beckons patrons with its refined yet adventurous approach to Asian-inspired cuisine.

From the moment you step inside, the ambiance captivates, with its chic decor and inviting atmosphere setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. There are lit candles at every table, which makes it a nice little date spot for potentially a special occasion.

Mott St. is a patio hotspot, so it would be best to get a reservation!

The menu, meticulously curated, showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Asian flavors and contemporary twists, each dish expertly crafted to tantalize the palate. Highlights include the Korean BBQ ribs, delicately crispy dumplings and rich, comforting noodle bowls, each a testament to the culinary prowess of the kitchen.

They’re also famous for their burger, which is available on a limited basis and is considered by Eater Chicago as one of the city’s “essential burgers.” Only available during brunch, or from 5PM to 7PM on weekdays (though patrons who snag a seat at the bar can order it all day), the Mott Burger takes two all-beef patties and slathers it with miso butter before adding sweet potato frizzles, pickled jalapenos, hoisin aioli and, of course, American cheese, onions and dill pickles for a satisfying, savory burger with a massive umami punch.

Complementing the exquisite fare is a selection of thoughtfully crafted cocktails, each imbued with a unique flavor profile that enhances the dining experience. From classic favorites to innovative creations, the drink menu at Mott St. is sure to impress even the most discerning of cocktail enthusiasts.

Yet, it is not only the culinary delights that set Mott St. apart but also the impeccable service and attention to detail. The knowledgeable staff provides attentive yet unobtrusive service, ensuring that every aspect of your dining experience exceeds expectations.

The Bathroom Situation

The restroom at Mott St. offers a single-serve unisex experience tucked away on the side of the establishment. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a clean and well-maintained space, complete with a welcoming candle adding a touch of ambiance. The availability of extra toilet paper rolls in an open cabinet ensures convenience for guests.

However, despite its cleanliness, the restroom’s proximity to the bustling bar and seating area may deter those seeking a private and tranquil experience. So if you manage to snag a Mott Burger and find it guiding you to the throne, keep in mind that patrons are likely to hear the ambient noise of the bustling establishment while using the facilities. This may pose a challenge for individuals seeking a quiet and serene environment, particularly for those requiring a moment of solitude.

Furthermore, the audible ambiance from the restaurant may inadvertently create a sense of pressure for poopers needing to unload some of the cocktail accented, infused cuisines. The lack of sound insulation could potentially detract from the overall comfort and relaxation typically associated with restroom visits.

Is Mott St. Poopable?

While the restroom at Mott St. maintains cleanliness and provides essential amenities, its location within close proximity to the restaurant’s main areas may compromise the desired privacy and tranquility for poopers.

Can you blast-off in the bathroom? In theory… yes. So, the staff are still going to give Mott St. a poopable salute! If you’re a bold pooper, who is not concerned about the outside noise, or the potential of a line forming outside, then let it rip! The extra toilet paper will make you happy too just in case things get a little saucy.

However, for those seeking a more secluded and serene restroom experience, it may be advisable to explore alternative options outside the immediate vicinity of the bustling restaurant floor… Essentially you may need clear out the bowels before or wait till ya get home.

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By Neil

Neil launched Poopable in 2023, making him the Poo Poo Presidente. After overcoming childhood public restroom anxiety, one of his proudest accomplishments is relieving himself on six continents and over two-dozen countries. His preferred bathroom includes a neutral scent, double ply toilet paper and a strong industrial flush. His trade secret to making any restroom poopable – baby wipes.