man screaming opening a toilet

Obviously. Here at Poopable, we are fans of whatever creates a more beatific pooping experience. Worrying about the cleanliness of the toilet seat is a major buzzkill.

This is easy to play out in your head. Just think about the difference between walking into a bathroom without a Lifty Loo as you have presumably done at this point in your life.

Maybe the bathroom is immaculate. Maybe it’s yours and you live alone and you’re gross and you just don’t care. But most of the time, it’s at best…fine and or possess a minor stale odor.

Now imagine walking in and seeing the Lifty Loo attached to the seat. 

Are you mad? Do you think, “What a waste of time and effort?” Or do you breathe an inward sigh of relief knowing you’re not going to have to touch the germ-ridden seat.

Maybe, as you sit down, you think positively of whoever put that handle there for you. Your host perhaps, or even yourself. What’s clear is you’re not going to leave the bathroom with an a slightly enhanced germ-free peace of mind.

happy man by toilet

So what do you have to lose? Only the continued debasement of living with people’s poor etiquette as well as poor aim.
Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think! Love it, hate it, whatever. If you don’t think it’s poopable, we want to know.

By Brady Nelson

Brady has been using bathroom breaks to escape work since junior high. All that time spent on the throne eventually led to a substantial amount of philosophical thought. He dove deep into thoughts like, “how can I hide the amount of time I’m on YouTube while at work?” Alas, Brady found Poopable, a place that disregards his time spent on social media and celebrates his light-hearted cynical take on everyday topics. You can also read more of his writing at The Timeless Cynic on substack.