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Accidental Gunfire Leads to Unintended Bathroom Intrusion

In a bizarre turn of events, a Pennsylvania man found himself in hot water after inadvertently discharging his rifle, sending a bullet on an unexpected journey into a neighboring home’s bathroom.

The peculiar incident unfolded around 7 a.m. on February 29th, catching residents of Newport Borough by surprise.

Pennsylvania State Police were summoned to the scene after the discovery of the damage on March 1st, initiating a probe into the peculiar ballistic escapade.

The bathroom is where turds fly… NOT bullets!

The investigation unveiled a startling sequence of events involving 49-year-old Tony Shultz and his Savage MSR10 rifle. Allegedly, Shultz accidentally discharged the firearm from the comfort of his own front door.

The unintended trajectory of the bullet saw it traversing through the exterior siding of a nearby single-family residence. With remarkable precision, the projectile breached the drywall of a second-floor bathroom within the neighboring abode, ultimately finding its final resting place within the confines of another bathroom wall, where a shower stood innocently…

Bathrooms should always be considered a sovereign place of territorial peace!

While the circumstances surrounding the misfire are undoubtedly concerning, one can’t help but envision the sheer absurdity of such a scenario. Picture yourself mid-bathroom break, innocently attending to matters of utmost privacy, only to be interrupted by the unexpected intrusion of a bullet tearing through the confines of your lavatory.

Indeed, a bullet passing through your bathroom while you’re on the potty is a situation that nobody would wish to experience firsthand. Especially if you are enjoying the clarity and serenity of the post-poo discharge!

In the aftermath of this surreal incident, Tony Shultz finds himself facing a litany of charges levied by Pennsylvania State Police. Among the offenses attributed to Shultz are the discharge of a firearm into an occupied structure, recklessly endangering another person, as well as possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The staff at Poopable believe that the charges should include, “harming an innocent bathroom,” but we admit we are not legal experts.

Thankfully, no poopers were injured

As authorities navigate the complexities of this peculiar case, residents of Perry County are left to ponder the whims of fate that led to such an unusual convergence of events.

While the notion of a wayward bullet infiltrating one’s sanctuary may evoke a chuckle or two, the gravity of the situation should not be underestimated.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers associated with firearms, highlighting the critical importance of responsible gun ownership and handling. As Perry County residents grapple with the aftermath of this unforeseen escapade, one can only hope that lessons learned will pave the way for greater vigilance and caution in the future.

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