A burglar arrested by police on the toilet.

The toilet may be a respite from your day but not from the fuzz!

Cue the Bad Boys music… Being a police officer is a no doubt demanding and stressful occupation. Generally speaking, a city cop or a small-town officer of the law is likely to come across the grotesque and the bizarre, quite potentially in the same day!

In a tale that blends the unexpected with the downright peculiar, a suspect in Colorado found himself in an uncomfortable predicament when officers swooped in to make an arrest – while he was indisposed on the toilet.

The suspect, facing charges of second-degree burglary, was caught with his pants down, quite literally, as Lakewood Police executed a swift apprehension in response to a burglary alarm activation in the early hours of a Thursday morning.

Occupies or vacant? Definitely occupied!

Responding swiftly to the verified burglary alarm, agents from the Lakewood Police Department wasted no time in deploying their resources, including the use of a drone to scour the scene for any signs of suspicious activity.

Little did they anticipate the unique sight that awaited them upon their arrival. As the department aptly put it in a Facebook post..

“While we see a lot of things in the line of doody, we had no clue what awaited us this time!”

A video shared by the department captures the gravity of the situation, with officers maintaining stern expressions as they prepare to breach the bathroom door.

With firearms drawn and nerves undoubtedly on edge, the officers burst into the room, only to be greeted by the sight of the suspect, perched unceremoniously on the porcelain throne, his underpants down and hands raised in surrender.

“I’m on the s––tter, bud,” the suspect is heard uttering, a moment of levity in an otherwise tense situation.

Despite the unconventional circumstances, the suspect complies with the officers’ commands and is promptly escorted to a detention facility for processing.

Acknowledging the unexpected turn of events, the Lakewood Police Department lauds the seamless coordination and cooperation exhibited by its Patrol and Drone Teams, underscoring the importance of effective teamwork in executing successful law enforcement operations.

No report on wether the suspect was stealing toilet paper…

As of now, details regarding the burglary itself and the identity of the suspect remain undisclosed by the department, leaving curious onlookers to ponder the peculiarities of this curious case.

This isn’t the first case of a person being arrested while in the commode.

One example is George Michael, the late British pop icon, who was famously arrested in a public restroom in Beverly Hills in 1998 for engaging in a lewd act. The incident became tabloid fodder and had repercussions for Michael’s career.

Another notable case involves actor Hugh Grant, who was arrested in 1995 for soliciting prostitution in Los Angeles. The incident occurred in a public restroom with Divine Brown, an American sex worker. Grant’s arrest made headlines around the world and had a significant impact on his public image, although he managed to salvage his career in the long run.

Yet, amidst the humor and the headlines, one thing remains clear – when it comes to law enforcement, even the most mundane of tasks can take a surprising turn.

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By Neil

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