Surprised plumber in a bathroom

“Never seen anything like it!”

It should come as no surprise that plumbers see things perhaps no one should see. Their day-to-day encounters are starkly contrasted to many poopers that possess the typical nine-to-five corporate haul.

However, even a plumber can be surprised! Especially when the surprise involves the remnants of a once living creature! In a bone-chilling discovery, a UK plumber, Jonathan Betts, owner of JB Plumbing Devon & Cornwall LTD uncovered over 20 bones beneath the floorboards of a 200-year-old cottage’s bathroom.

The sinister find, including a jawbone with teeth, sent shockwaves through Betts. He initially feared the worst. To his relief, further investigation and consultation revealed the bones were from a pig. Thankfully Betts will not have to be included in a real-world True Detective saga!

Betts was working in a residence in the UK that was over 200 years old. Finding something strange in the floorboards, within the walls or in the basement seems like it should not come as a surprise for such a lived-in location.

The bones were believed to be buried to ward off bad spirits…

The property’s history suggests it was once part of a pig farm, potentially a slaughterhouse. Betts, sharing the bizarre event on TikTok expressed relief that the mystery bones were not human and described it as an unprecedented moment in his 20-year career.

The staff at Poopable certainly salute Betts for not only the work he does, keeping our commodes flushing properly but also for his fierce dedication to the job. It’s clear this plumbing champion has an iron stomach after uncovering this grisly discovery!

Perhaps it was fear coupled with a healthy dose of morbid curiosity, but our staff proposed the question; is it common to find remains of an animal or human in old home? This was one of those questions that our staff was even somewhat hesitant to plug into Google because some of us do reside in half-century old buildings.

It is not common to find remains in old homes… but not common does not mean never!

After a brief query of the web, the staff at Poopable can confidently state it is not common to find human remains buried under old homes.

While these discoveries have happened before, they are quite rare and typically happen in unique circumstances. The discovery of bones under a floor, as in the case of Betts, is unusual and often tied to specific historical or cultural practices. It is safe to assume, your home and other homes do not have human remains intentionally buried beneath them (cue sigh of relief).

As far as warding off evil spirits… Perhaps just burn some sage!

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By Neil

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