A giant pyramid made of toilet paper in the middle of a Czech time square

A traditional Czech wedding requires a lot of traditional Czech meals…and a bathroom that can handle them

Previously on #CzechPoopWeek I talked about using a bathroom outside of a castle. It was quite an experience.

After the tour, the wedding party I was a part of in Kroměříž went off to a pre-wedding dinner at Sladovna, a lovely restaurant with a fantastic outdoor space.

There was a buffet of sides, as well as a variety of foods cooked on an outdoor grill, ranging from smoke mackerel to smoked cheese (and also pork, chicken, and other dishes that didn’t have to be previously smoked to enjoy).

Of course, with an open bar and five hours of food service, eventually, you’ll need to find a bathroom.

mens and women's bathroom doors

The icons differentiating the men’s an women’s bathrooms are…not exactly instinctive, but thankfully this Poopable columnist made the right choice by going into the door on the right.

The bathroom I encountered was simple, yet artistic. It included some flourishes that honestly surprised me…but I wasn’t mad about the choices they made.

When I walked in I noticed a beautiful above-the-counter basin sink, a bright arraignment of greenery, a classic-but-modern framed mirror, and a neat stack of paper towels.

I also saw…a $15 soap dispenser that I have at home which I got from Target back at home.

Of course, the random aesthetics of a bathroom don’t have to be perfect. This bathroom was clean and comforting. Sure, the soap dispenser is minimal but efficient, and sure, the urinals are randomly adorned with empty frames.

But everything is clean, everything is fresh, and most importantly…

They have two pyramids of toilet paper.

It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

I don’t know how often the staff comes in to make sure the pyramid remains intact when someone runs out of paper, but I do know that it is a striking background for your toilet, and one I’ve never seen before.

Is Sladovna Kroměříž Poopable?

Well, you’ll never run out of toilet paper when you head to Sladovna, and you can be guaranteed beer and cocktails to go along with great food, grilled or otherwise.

If you ever have to take care of business here, we can safely say it is quite Poopable, and worth your time if you find yourself in the region!

Have you ever seen anything like a toilet paper pyramid? Contact us and let us know, so we can share your story!

By Jeff G

In other organizations Jeff would be known as the Managing Editor. However at Poopable, he is the Head Creative Poo (HCP). His online writing has received hundreds of millions of views. Thankfully he has not had nearly as many bathroom breaks. Jeff prefers his bathroom clean and tranquil, which is ironic considering the amount of time he spends in dive bars.