Who knew the worst plane passenger you could meet would involve dog poo

We know that air travel can be quite the hassle. Between long security lines, expensive add-ons and frequent delays, flying can be very stressful. But the worst thing to encounter during a trip? An unruly passenger.

There are plenty of instances of…colorful passengers responding quite negatively to these stressors. But sometimes, the unruly passenger can’t be reasoned with.

Especially if the passenger is a dog

The bemused faces on the local news anchors from Chicago’s WGN channel tells a lot about the story. According to TMZ, United Airlines flight 498 to Portland ran into some poopy problems at the behest of a tiny traveler from Cincinnati, making a connecting flight from Denver.

Unfortunately, the tiny traveler was a chihuahua sitting on the lap of a passenger who didn’t consider the difficulty she might encounter during a two-leg cross-continental trip.

Traveling with pets can be complicated…but there are limits

While airports actually have locations where you can go out and let a pet take care of business, this Ohio-based passenger failed to take advantage of that, to the detriment of herself and her nearby passengers.

That’s right…this little fellah let out a mid-flight poop!

After this pup started getting a bit eager to get out of their carrier, its owner made the ill-fated decision to let them out… only to find that the reason the scamp needed “outsies” was to get some more odorous materials “outsies” of their digestive track.

The rest of the flight was not ideal

That’s right. After leaving in some long-held-in materials directly in the lap of the dog owner, there was nothing to do but finish the flight and deal with dog feces trapped in a small airplane. This likely could be used or has been used as methods of torture!

If you think that would make you sick…you’re not alone!

Multiple passengers had to make urgent use of their puke bags to deal with the stench, with many getting $50-$75 vouchers for their troubles. Is that enough to sit in a plane smelling dog doo-doo for over an hour? That’s up to you.

Have you ever ran into a foul stench during a travel situation? Share us your story or check our Poo News for similar tales of woe!

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