A ninja holding a flag on Venice Beach.

True Crime now has a new smelly meaning

In the vibrant neighborhood of Venice, Los Angeles, a mysterious street artist has transformed abandoned dog poop into a peculiar form of social commentary, sparking intrigue as well as laughter among local residents.

Over the past few weeks, piles of dog waste scattered along the streets have caught the attention of locals and tourists. Each mound has been adorned with a small white flag, bearing a distinctive and sometimes pointed note for those neglecting to clean up after their pets.

Not cleaning up animal waste in a little town in Italy has catapulted the local municipal authority to institute a pet-poop DNA registry!

Messages like “Get therapy” and “Must be nice to be such a lazyas*,” or “Why get a dog, then?” have left the community amused and curious.

Vigilante poop justice (non-violent)

Despite the anonymity of the “poop flagger,” this unconventional artist is gaining a reputation as a folk hero among residents living near the trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Ava Carpentier, a long-time resident expressed her admiration, stating, “I have no idea who it is, zero clue, but it’s brilliant. I think it’s hysterical. I’d like to shake the hand of the person who’s doing it.”

Initially, some residents thought the flags were the work of a disgruntled property owner but as the flags appeared throughout the neighborhood, it became evident that this was a broader initiative.

The style of the flags, featuring white paper and sharp black lettering has left a unique mark on the neighborhood. During a recent tour, a reporter observed five separate flags with messages ranging from direct commands like “Pick. Up. Your. Poop!!” to more passive-aggressive notes like “Life is hard if you can’t afford poop bags.

Residents like Will Inbusch, find humor in the situation. Inbusch has shared chuckles with neighbors as they encounter these goofy flags. Messages like, “Who raised you?” and, “C’mon, you’re better than this,” resonate with the community.

The identity of the guerrilla flagger remains unknown…

Inbusch, like the other community residents, are unaware of the identity but notions that it’s “someone with a good sense of humor and solid handwriting.”

The proliferation of dog droppings in public spaces remains a global issue, and this unconventional form of protest is capturing attention as well as playfully creative.

A local postal worker, who frequently navigates the area delivering mail acknowledged the practical aspect of the flags. She revealed that spotting a flag “has stopped me” from stepping into dog waste which is a common in the Southern California community.

Residents continue to speculate on the flagger’s identity. Could this be the just or unjust doings of an individual walking their own dog, carrying flags for this unique purpose?

As the phenomenon gains traction, residents ponder whether the poop flags are part of a deliberate marketing campaign or perhaps associated with a specific brand seeking notoriety.

“Nothing like a good sense of humor and a cause.”

Regardless of the motive, residents have embraced the humorous aspect, sharing photos of their favorite flag sightings with friends and family.

Amidst all the mystery, one thing is clear – the unexpected dose of humor and community engagement is welcome in the neighborhood.

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By Neil

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