A distressed student in class.

The staff at Poopable are a little miffed about this…

Are you in a hurry to use the bathroom during class? At Eagle Ridge Academy in Brighton, Colorado, things just got a bit more complicated.

The school has introduced a new policy this semester requiring students to show their student ID before heading to the restroom. While the intention behind this rule is to reduce loitering and ensure safety, it has sparked frustration among students and prompted a petition for change.

The staff at Poopable like to be objective about all matters. However, when it comes to the everyday pooper, we are going to back the pooper. Sure, learning is important, but crapping your pants will no doubt inhibit the educational process.

The probability of crapping your pants will no doubt increase!

Under the new policy, forgetting your ID means waiting. Students without their ID must attend “Friday school,” where they spend time after classes cleaning up the school. For sophomore Ailyn Torres and many others, this rule means enduring uncomfortable waits and potentially missing out on essential bathroom breaks.

Ailyn, 15, launched a change.org petition in response to the policy, gathering over 250 signatures in just a few days.

The concern is particularly acute for female students, who may face emergencies and discomfort without immediate access to the restroom.

While students can use the restrooms between classes without presenting their ID, the policy has significantly restricted bathroom access during instructional time.

Principal Scott Richardson defends the policy as a measure to enhance safety and promote responsible behavior. According to Richardson, the ID requirement has reduced loitering, improved restroom cleanliness, and streamlined lunchtime operations.

The school has also reported a decline in acts of vandalism since the policy’s implementation.

Eagle Ridge Academy introduced the bathroom policy as part of its 5 Star Student tracking system, which assigns each student a unique barcode linked to their ID. This system allows the school to monitor student activities, attendance, and behavior more effectively. Students use their IDs as hall passes to leave class for restroom breaks, scanning their barcode upon exit and reentry.

While safety is a top priority for the school, students and families have voiced concerns about the practical implications of the new policy.

Some argue that the rigid ID requirement creates unnecessary barriers to basic needs and interrupts instructional time. However, Richardson emphasizes that the policy rollout was gradual, with ample communication to students and families.

For Eagle Ridge Academy, the ID policy represents a commitment to safety and accountability. By leveraging technology and implementing clear protocols, the school aims to create a secure and orderly learning environment.

Despite initial resistance, the hope is that the policy will ultimately benefit the entire school community.

Our staff can see both sides to the argument here. However, we are no doubt a little miffed. Sharts happen… Generally speaking, shares happen unexpectedly and they need to be dealt with post haste! Having to present an ID so you can cleanup a sneak attack from your butt will no doubt be problematic to say the least…

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