People dancing in a bathroom

Convenience stores are taking notes from Studio 54!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Southwest Ohio, there’s a peculiar phenomenon happening in a convenience store bathroom: a Miley Cyrus dance party.

Yes, you read that right. Welcome to the world of Hop Shops, a chain of convenience stores spread across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, where disco bathrooms are the latest craze.

Disco balls, colored lights, and groovy music await you inside these bathrooms, triggered by an irresistible “do not push” button.

The brainchild behind this funky concept is Damon Bail, Vice President of Retail Operations and Marketing at Valor Oil, headquartered in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Bail got inspired after stumbling upon a video showcasing a similar idea in another part of the world. But instead of replicating it in a restaurant restroom, Bail envisioned bringing the disco vibes to convenience store bathrooms. And thus, the disco bathrooms were born, creating a fun and unexpected experience for customers.

Disco will make you want to dance!

The use of synthesizers, funky baselines, and orchestral arrangements in disco music also creates a lively and energetic sound that encourages movement. Disco typically features a steady beat with a strong emphasis on the bass drum, which provides a rhythmic foundation that is easy to follow and move to. Furthermore, the lyrics of disco songs often convey messages of celebration, love, and freedom, which can uplift listeners and inspire them to express themselves through dance… which maybe we all need during a long road trip.

At the Hop Shops in Maineville, Ohio, located conveniently near Kings Island, customers are treated to a snippet of “Party in the USA” by none other than Miley Cyrus. Store manager Jennifer Gale recounts the endless loop of the catchy chorus, punctuated by excited screams from patrons.

It’s a spectacle that draws people from all corners of the state, eager to experience the unexpected thrill of a bathroom dance party.

Maineville is just one spot on the map of Hop Shops disco bathrooms.

Across Kentucky and Ohio, there are five more locations where you can boogie down while you… well, you know. From Florence to Carrollton, each store has its own disco anthem, from classics like “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees to modern hits like Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” It’s a testament to the universal appeal of disco, bringing joy and laughter to unsuspecting visitors.

So next time you’re on a road trip through Southwest Ohio or cruising through Kentucky, keep an eye out for that neon sign that says “Hop Shops.”

Who knows? You might just stumble upon the ultimate bathroom disco experience, where even a routine pit stop turns into a dance-floor extravaganza. Just remember: when you hear the music, don’t resist the urge to push that button and let the good times roll!

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By Neil

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