red room with sinks and toilets

Chicago’s iO Theater’s alumni include comedy superstars like Tina Fey, Steven Colbert, Bill Hader, Chris Farley, and many more. But what kind of bathroom situation could these comic geniuses expect?

Founded in 1981 as ImprovOlympic, the iO Theater is a world-class comedy theater with a rich history, and a great way to spend an evening in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

Each week, they host dozens of shows, ranging from Improvised Shakespeare to The Deltones, while offering classes and providing laughter to hundreds of people a day.

They also have a full bar to keep the crowd lubricated, as well as a kitchen to provide bar food for any hungry laughter-seekers.

Hopefully you can wait to take care of your biological necessities until your show’s intermission, but no matter when nature calls, iO has a bathroom that thankfully gets the job done.

The iO has multiple theaters, along with a patio and a large bar space, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see their bathrooms in a bad place. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, even though I visited iO for a large event that could have involved some bad messes.

I’ve talked about my time hosting bar trivia before (sometimes graphically) so it shouldn’t be surprising that my side hustle led me to the iO. Whaddayaknow? Trivia hosted their bi-annual Tournament of Champions on July 29th, and held their afterparty at iO theater just around the corner from our venue.

600 people, including multiple Jeopardy winners were there, and many came over to iO afterwards. After a few hours of partying (with drink specials), I was impressed to see that the bathroom held up to the massive surge of patrons.

Well-spaced-out stalls in the corner, and three urinals greet you when you are there. But there was more than enough space, and more than enough places to take care of business, to handle the sudden influx of pre-show bathroom users.

Even with the spare drink on the urinal (wasn’t mine, I swear) it was incredibly clean and well maintained. No odor to speak of, and a well-lit environment lead to a very lovely commode.

Is iO Theater Poopable?

If you’re looking for laughs, libations and…some word for food that starts with L as well, you will enjoy yourself at the famous iO Theater. And if your stay involves a detour to the bathroom, you’ll definitely be able to address your gastrointestinal distress in one of the better public settings you could hope for.

The iO Theater is defintiely Poopable, even when there’s a full house.

By Jeff G

In other organizations Jeff would be known as the Managing Editor. However at Poopable, he is the Head Creative Poo (HCP). His online writing has received hundreds of millions of views. Thankfully he has not had nearly as many bathroom breaks. Jeff prefers his bathroom clean and tranquil, which is ironic considering the amount of time he spends in dive bars.