That time your diarrhea was declared a “biohazard…”

We’ve all had unexpected accidents. The porcelain God’s know Poopable’s very own Head Creative Poo, Jeff, has experienced many.

If flashbacks of a pants-stained memory are flooding back, do not fret, as it likely could have been plenty worse.

Airports and flights generally mean vacations, work travel or perhaps cause stomach nauseating anxiety.

Now, those of you who spend a fair amount of time online might have already heard about this story when it occurred back in September, but if this is the first you’ve heard “diarrhea” and “Delta” in the same sentence, we just ask you respect the victims as we tell the story of this accidental crime.

Long lines and nit-picky TSA agents can make any airline experience enough of a hassle. However, imagine you are flying to Europe for perhaps a needed break from the nine-to-five. You are excited about headed to Barcelona, Spain to go see some sights, catch some Mediterranean sun and enjoy a few tapas…

Shortly after takeoff, the overhead seatbelts light turns off, and you’re reclining your seat to then peruse through the inflight entertainment options when a pungent odor invades your nostrils. The smell is so strong that you’re unable to hold back coughs and gags.

You look and observe that other passengers are experience the same infiltration of their senses. The smell is an all too familiar scent, that sadly everyone has endured and will likely endure again…

Explosive Diarrhea

According to People Magazine, “A Delta flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Barcelona, Spain, had to make a U-turn Friday after a passenger suffered a “medical issue” that turned out to be a case of severe diarrhea.”

The staff at Poopable are a bit torn in this situation. Some of us want to salute the unnamed passenger for having such a potent bowel explosion, that it grounded a Delta Airbus… Respect.

On the other hand, having a Euro-trip delayed due to diarrhea would cause any passenger to launch a raid on the inflight minibar.

Sh*t Happens… at 30,000 Feet

For those poopers out there that think the Delta pilot may have overreacted by turning the flight around, then we’ll just leave this anonymous passengers, description of the event to change your mind.

“It was pretty bad. It was dribbling down the aisle, smelled horrible.”

 Delta Airlines did release (slight pun intended) a statement following the event.

“Our teams worked as quickly and safely as possible to thoroughly clean the airplane and get our customers to their final destination. We sincerely apologize to our customers for the delay and inconvenience to their travel plans.” 

The flight did eventually make it to Barcelona, the next day which ultimately amount to an eight-hour delay.

Our staff tried to figure out a way to contact the passenger at the butt-end of this inflight poo-poo bonanza, but to no avail. Ultimately, we all really want to ask the most important question…

“What Did This Person Eat?”

Airports are notorious locations for fast, convenient greasy spoons like Sabarro’s and Panda Express. Wash it all down at the nearest airport watering hole that has likely been serving stomach churning libations since 7:00am, and it’s likely a recipe for an eventful bathroom experience.

So, is the passenger to blame here or perhaps the Atlanta airport offerings? The answer is up for debate. Sure, the passenger could have just used one of those healthy grab and go vending machines. But who wants carrots for breakfast when you’re off to Europe?

Is Delta Airlines Airbus Poopable?

Well, the clear answer here is an obvious yes. Sadly, we’re not even reviewing the bathroom here, but apparently the entirety of the plane.

Poopable salutes the staff of Delta for helping a fellow pooper in mid-flight distress. We all need a hero every now and then, especially one armed with an air freshener and fresh wipes.

Have you had an inflight stomach mishap ever happened to you? No need to be shy, we’ll laugh about it together. Relax, it’s over now and don’t worry, we’ll change your name. Give us a shout and we’ll share your midair tale.

By Neil

Neil launched Poopable in 2023, making him the Poo Poo Presidente. After overcoming childhood public restroom anxiety, one of his proudest accomplishments is relieving himself on six continents and over two-dozen countries. His preferred bathroom includes a neutral scent, double ply toilet paper and a strong industrial flush. His trade secret to making any restroom poopable – baby wipes.